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WHAT feels good


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So let’s show them how it really happened.


you must be in love.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Thank you for being here. Seriously, thank you — I mean it. It's incredible that you're here, that you have something to celebrate, and that my work resonates with you. I'd be honored to photograph your love — honestly. We all know that life is not a Pinterest board. Your wedding shouldn’t be reduced down to a shot list and boxes to check. That’s not how we do things around here. After all, your story is why we’re here and no prompt or pose or photoshop can make it more magical than it already is.


I’m a documentary wedding photographer, traveling the East Coast (and sometimes other places) for love stories. Weddings are sacred to me — you can find me photographing them in the bustling boroughs of NYC, the hills of Appalachia, and the coasts of the Carolinas. I have had a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember and a deep desire to understand people on a human level. The goal is not to manufacture the perfect image, but to tell your story in the best way I know how. 

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Svetlana & Vlad

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Mady was by far the best wedding decision we made. I came across Mady’s photos on instagram and reached out to her that same day. From my first conversation with her I knew I needed her. In the beginning of the planning process I felt scattered and confused about my overall vision, but she immediately brought me a sense of peace. She is professional yet so friendly that I felt like I had known her long before our initial phone call. Her calmness, intelligence and genuine kindness helped me feel confident in making wedding choices that were nontraditional. She encouraged me to stay true to myself and my wedding vision, which resulted in the most perfect day/weekend imaginable for us. I never thought that our photographer would end up making all the difference in the details of the entire process, and I could not be more grateful that we found Mady. Along with the insanely happy photos she gave us, she gave us the best gift in that we were actually able to enjoy our wedding and make beautiful memories with our favorite people. We truly had the most incredible time which was perfectly reflected in the photos Mady captured. I am overjoyed that we get to keep so many of the amazing moments forever in the photos. Five stars is not enough.

FROM Sidney & Zach